Jimmy Cannon 
loves trains.  
And he wants more 
than anything in the 
world to work on the B&O 
Railroad when he grows up.  
After all, his father is the foreman in Rowlesburg, and every last one of his ancestors has worked on steam engines from the time the Cannons first came over to America from Ireland in the 1800’s.

But it’s the 1940’s and times are changing.  Jimmy’s father doesn’t want him to work for the railroad.  In fact, his father doesn’t seem to understand anything Jimmy wants.  

Join Jimmy on the ride of a lifetime through midnight Halloween romps, robberies, explosions, the championship football game, a secret society, and maybe even . . . a dead body or two.  Pics/Pages/Rowlesburg_WV.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0
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